Friday, September 24, 2010

Let The Weekend Begin!

TGIF everyone & welcome to the long-awaited weekend!  We've spent our Friday night chillin to some great tunes and playing with fabric! Stac & I have been up to lots of new & fun things and we wanted to share a few of them with you!

Stacy has been very busy & wrapped up in her new creation of a new Christmas quilt created in her favorite Buggy Barn style, it's on the long-arm machine as we speak and should be done & bound tomorrow, with pictures to come! 

We've been picking out fabric from our stash for two new quilts; a Sweet 16 and another Buggy Barn, yes, we're addicted!  Yes, of course, we'll provide pictures of those as well!

Tomorrow we'll be visiting a huge sale at one of our favorite wholesalers and we are super excited for our new treasures!  Happy shopping to us!! :)  Oh wait, I guess to you as well, since this adventure could benefit a lot of you too!! 

Until then, we're off to play with more fabric and maybe get some sleep in there somewhere!!

Stac & Tam

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  1. Hey you gals! I am so slow with my blogging lately! How are you? I am so glad I met you and that our blogs are "linked"'re on mine too! How was your shopping???